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How To Crack a Combination Lock

If you've ever had a chest in the attic locked for years or even a locker at the gym, chances are you might have used a combination lock to keep prying eyes and thieves away. If it's a Master Lock brand item (most of them are), you can harmlessly crack it pretty easily.
Master Lock Combination Recovery: Crack a Combination Lock
Here's step-by-step approach to Master Lock combination recovery. This little trick doesn't require any tools; not even a pen and paper. In four easy steps you can crack your Master Lock -- meaning you'll figure out your lost combination. You'll never have to cut off an old lock because you've forgotten the combination, just use this trick and you'll uncover those three secret numbers in about twelve seconds.

1. Push up on the clamp. Hold it in place. Spin right until you hear a click.
2. Move two numbers to the right. That's your first number.
3. Continue holding the clamp up. Spin left until it stops. That's your second number.
4. Spin right. It will be very choppy, but keep the clamp up. It will open on the third number.

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