AphroChic Reveals Secret To Chic Home Décor With A Personal Touch

AphroChic is the must-read blog when it comes to all things modern, soulful and stylish. So, when founders, Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason ventured to write their latest book, REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul, the result was nothing short of beautiful decorating bliss. Remix uncovers everything you need to know about decorating with beloved cultural items and super chic accessories to really make your house a home. Plus, every page helps take the mystery out of tying together bold color, patterns, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs for stress-free furnishing!

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We chatted with the Aphrochic bloggers and designers for the lowdown on decorating like a pro, culture and couches, and what Remix really means for homeowners.

Homesessive: How did AphroChic get its start?
Jeanine Hays: AphroChic got its start while we were living in San Francisco. […] We decided to focus on creating a space that spoke to the design tastes of women of color – something I had never seen before. We came up with the name AphroChic and I added the tagline, Modern.Soulful.Style. to really capture the feeling that we wanted to create. About 2 years later we started looking into product design because I was looking for a pillow with a silhouette of a girl with an afro. I couldn't find one so we decided to make it.

H: Love it! What’s the inside scoop on how Remix came to be?
Bryan Mason: We were contacted by Potter Style about the idea of writing a book and we jumped at the opportunity. Initially the idea was to create a book that reflected the ideas of the blog. However the main idea, Modern.Soulful.Style had moved beyond the blog and had become the cornerstone idea behind our textile brand. So the question quickly became, “What is Modern.Soulful.Style. and how does it work?” Remix became our answer to that question.

H: So, in a nutshell what does “Remix” mean to you?
BM: We were looking for a short phrase that conveyed everything that's in the book, something that felt young and modern and that referenced African-American culture while still being universally recognizable. After a lot of thinking the word came to mind and it just seemed to work perfectly.

H: Sometimes, home décor can be either super inspiring or just plain daunting, but Remix manages to make it totally attainable. How did you tackle bringing the world of décor to such simple terms?
BM: She had a lot of practice from trying to explain it to me.
JH: On some level or another design is something that everyone does. Having started as a blogger I got to see and be a part of that transitional moment when the conversation on design expanded beyond the traditional experts to include a larger number of people who may have not have gone to school for design but really love it and who had something to say. AphroChic style has to be accessible because it really is about creating a personal expression.

H: When did you first fall in love with color and culture?
JH: Probably from the time I was a small child.  We always had cultural pieces in our home growing up - from black and white photography of women with afros, to collections of African-American music and decor.  My parents raised me with a love of personal culture and history.

H: When it comes to culture, objects and soul, is there one aspect that trumps the rest?
JH: I don't think I can single out one over the others. The design of every room is made up of different objects, each one was created out of or references a culture or group of cultures, and soul comes from how well we manage the two to create a space that speaks to us, whether it's to honor a heritage or to create a certain feeling. Remix is about highlighting those relationships within a space to bring a soulful element to great modern design.  
BM: I would agree with that. AphroChic is founded on the idea that cultural style and modern design can work together without sacrificing one for the other, and that actually they work better together.

H: What are some things the novice decorator should keep in mind when starting to incorporate cultural pieces in their home?
JH: Bring home pieces from your travels and local boutiques that can blend seamlessly into your interior. A cultural home doesn’t mean one that has to look like a museum. Instead, bring in meaningful objects like a hand-carved Senufo stool from Africa that can be used as a side table; or a Moroccan wedding blanket that can be used as a rug.  Look for pieces that are beautiful, cultural, and that can have utility in your home.

H: And how does music come into play when decorating a home?
BM: I think it all ties in to creating a vibe, a feeling that goes through the whole space. [...] There's music in our home all the time when we're working or cooking or just relaxing. Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop, even some classical.

H: There’s a fine line between chic souvenirs and tchotchkes. What’s the best way to pull of this cultural look?
JH: Accessories are so much fun, and I liken them to the jewelry of the room. You want some great statement pieces, and you don’t want to go overboard. You want a few pieces that truly stand out.  For me, those pieces are pillows, lighting, and art.  Invest in great pieces like ikat and suzani cushions for the sofa. Look into cool statement lighting to bring color in the room.  And a gallery wall of prints always looks chic.

H: What do you think is really the soul of a home?
BM: Without a doubt it's the people who live there. Everything else that we can say about a home from the colors it uses to the furniture or even the music are all extensions of the people that inhabit the space. Soul in interior design is about how well we can connect a space to the people, where they've been and where they're going, who they are and who they want to be. All of that happens in the space regardless of how it's designed but when the design can reflect the best parts of that process, what else can you call it but soul?

Enter to win the Remix giveaway today! All you have to do is follow @Homesessive and @AphroChic on Twitter and retweet 1 of 7 promotional tweets for a chance to win! Click here for complete official rules.

Photo Courtesy of AphroChic

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