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3 Affordable Tricks To Insulate Your Home Like A Pro

Don’t shiver this winter – beat the cold with these easy and affordable tricks to keep your home warm and cozy this chilly season! It all starts with the proper insulated windows, so we’ve rounded up 3 ways you can make your windows keep the cold out and the warmth in. With a toasty and snuggly home, you’ll love saying welcome home this Christmas!

1. Secondary Glazing Window Plastic
This is most definitely a cheaper option than actually getting yourself a new blind or paying for double glazing. Just measure the width and length of your windows, order your specific size, and peel off the backing tape and press to the window frames. Fast, easy, and affordable!

2. 'BlocOut’ Blinds
The name says it all – these opaque blinds have clever vertical “runners” that attach to the window frames at the bottom of the blind to seal and keep the draft out. These blinds are perfect at night time since they block out the light and can be opened during the day to let the warm winter sun in. You can also consider adding brush or bubble seal from Mighton Products to properly seal the edges of your windows to keep the cold air out.

3. Double Glazed Windows
Many of us have single glazed/insulated windows that constantly rattle, let the cold air in, and in return lose a lot of the warmth from in our homes. You can purchase low-noise double glazed windows that have special blinds to keep out the draught and save on energy bills. They also have a low U-Value of 1.3 – the lower the value the better it insulates and keeps your home warm.

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