10 Amazing Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas and Tricks

Wallpaper has come in and out of style throughout the years, but it is undeniably chic when used in small spaces like your bathroom. If you are stuck with old tiles or horrific wallpaper from the 90’s, now is the time to renovate your bathroom and take on a whole new look. Heres how:

1. Make it look bigger: If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, choose wallpaper with a small pattern and lighter colors.

2. Have an accent wall: If you aren’t ready to wallpaper your whole bathroom or you have invested in only a few meters of luxurious wallpaper, choose one wall as your accent wall and paint other walls a solid color.

3. Take a risk: Bathrooms are small spaces with not much furniture, giving you the opportunity to choose a daring, bold pattern to contrast your bathroom vanity, bathtub, or shower.

4. Less is more: Avoid wallpaper with high contrast or busy patterns if you are trying to maintain a simple and clean look.

5. Washable walls: Most wallpaper is washable and there are even water resistant wallpapers available.

6. How to preserve: Put on a layer or two of clear acrylic varnish on the walls over the wallpapers to preserve them from moisture .

7. Get creative: Think of your bathroom as a jewel box that you are trying to transform with glamorous walls, accessories, and hardware.

8. Pay attention to repeats: Choose a pattern that has a repeat of 12 inches or less – this way you will see your wallpaper pattern repeat three or four times in a small space such as a bathroom.

9. Bring in light: An easy trick to bright light into a windowless bathroom is to use reflective wallpaper that will reflect off of mirrors, walls, ceilings and hardware.

10. Wallpaper your ceiling: Place your wallpaper where you would least expect it – on the ceiling is a trend most designers crave but don’t have the guts to do it!

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